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The highest, non-prescription, ascorbic acid available that can be delivered into the skin safely & effectively. This 30% vitamin c serum delivers a powerful dose of antioxidant to brighten, smoothe, hydrate & protect the skin in the harshest environments. Perfect for smokers, roadrunners or your real outdoorsy skins to work up to. Make sure to use a bottle or 2 of our recharge ce/vita-c lipid before you start with the vita c 30, to make sure your skin can tolerate this potent dose of ascorbic acid.


PLEASE NOTE: This product has active ingredients that may not be suitable for your skin, please perform our free skin analysis before purchasing this product to ensure that you have no contraindications.


Active ingredients: 30% ascorbic acid & alpha-tocopherol (vitamin e)


How to use: After cleansing & drying the skin, apply a small amount of product to fingertips and apply to face, neck & decollate. Allow a few seconds for absorption and follow with prescribed Lamelle moisturiser. Use morning & or night (always follow moisturiser with sunscreen in the day). Due to high concentrations of vitamin c, the product may feel grainy initially, but as the vitamin c is absorbed, it will feel smoother to the touch


*this product may tingle initially, but this should dissipate. Do not use in the same application as vitamin a (use vitamin c in the morning & vitamin at night). Do not use 3-5 days post resurfacing treatment*

Vita C 30 - 30ml

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