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Your ultimate anti-ageing sunscreen, boasting full UV spectrum protection as well as protection from visible light & infared radiation


Active ingredients: 3 x SPF 50 UVA and 3x SPF 50 UVB sunscreens, ageing molecule inhibitor, pycnogenol ®, ingredients that stop-loss of immunity, anti-inflammatory ingredients, ingredients that decrease damaging enzymes, ingredients that recover the skin’s immunity and photolyase enzymes that correct recent indirect and direct DNA damage.


How to use: Apply a moderate amount of SPF onto moisturised skin 10-15 minutes before sun exposure daily. This sunscreen has a primer-like feel, but it is not waterproof, so re-apply if you’ve been sweating or swimming or 3-4 hourly if exposed to the sun.

Helase 50+ - 50ml

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