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Night cream for problematic & acne prone skins


PLEASE NOTE: This product has active ingredients that may not be suitable for your skin, please perform our free skin analysis before purchasing this product to ensure that you have no contraindications.


Active ingredients: retinoic acid analogue, growth factors, copper tripeptide and red cedar tea extract


How to use: Apply to cleansed face, neck & decollete (use over your active control & prescribed correctives serum). Use only at night. This product contains a retinoid & must be stopped 3 nights prior & 5 nights after in-salon treatment/waxing procedures. There is no data for the use of retinoids during pregnancy, so don’t risk it, do not use if pregnant!


*special note: if sensitivity occurs, stagger the start of your night cream, using it for only 3 nights the first week, 5 nights the second & 7 nights the 3rd week. You can use your clarity am or prescribed Serra moisturiser on the alternate nights*


Clarity Corrective PM Plus - 50ml

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